JADOO TOONA - Tann Badwal (English Lyrics)

Lyrics of Jadoo Toona Tann Badwal

How interesting it is to realise that with the change of seasons, 
you cooled the intensity of our emotions down too.
But for a fact, to how many have you already winked your eyes, once pious of my sight?
Who lately tasted the poison of your shameless flirts?
Whom did you hypnotise yesterday?

You made a man of soil cover himself up in marble.
The marble which he discovered to build a Taj Mahal for you.
And today, he slipped off that same Taj Mahal recovering the lights 
which he once used to lit it for you.
All now remains with Tann is the tag of writing sad poetry.

You used to refrain me from calling you.
You used to hate that I call often and that it irritates you.
And then? You so gladly revealed that you do hang out with other boys - your so-called friends. 
I was told to still not be jealous of that as if I was blind.
I remained silent and went through that process of stitching my torn land of heart.


  1. amazingg,yu are totally different from todays singers or lyricists,due to your this quality n uniqueness ,yu are on top list after satinder sartaj
    carry on brother,your this melodious voice is a way to your success..love from bottom of my heart


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