Rukhan De Tahney - Tann Badwal (English Lyrics)

English Lyrics of Rukhan De Tahney song by Tann Badwal

It seems that the branches of the trees shed their leaves,
The leaves, all ruined have nowhere to go.
Not only this, the storm also left the roads filled with rainwater,
The roads that lead me to work.
Therefore, the storm is now playing around with my means of bread and butter.
God forbid, God forbid, God forbid this devastation.
Are these the only scenes that my eyes are allowed today?
No idea, no idea if at all there’s an end.
Even the month is going to stretch onto no less than 31 days.

Nowadays, my evenings fail to find even a single quiet spot.
There’s nothing but noise all around.
Where shall I go? Tell me please!
I wish to ease my burden-filled heart.
“I see everything blurry”
“I see everything blurry”
Says, a tear sitting in my eye.

May some prayer work in my favour.
May my ailments find their remedies.
Because, not one, not two, my ailments I believe are in-numerous in number.
And all I see is my dear life scattered in the courtyard of my dear dreams.
Where there is pin-drop silence all around.
I suppose there aren’t any means as such for me to move forward,
For my exhausted footsteps to recover and advance.


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