8 MARTABA - English Lyrics

Now please don’t make excuses any further.
Now please don’t let separation between us.
I’ve still not lost hope, no matter it’s the eighth time I am making an effort.
Now please don’t turn your back on me.
God knows what all innumerable errands keep you busy,
And the moment I ask, god knows how you come up with stories to cover-up.
Believe me, you are all I got.

You hardly let me around you, and,
on the other hand, love keeps me awake all night.
I keep taunting my fate about the luck I have in love.
I keep pleading for it to not insult me the way it has.

Fine! Say it! Tell me the truth today how blunt it might sound.
Fine! Ditch me if that’s what you want.
At least take us out of these mud puddles you’ve stranded us in.
TANN, my wheels of time do not wish to wait for even a single mile now.


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